About us

At Innovation Hub Uppsala we have one common goal; to increase Uppsala’s innovation capacity and thus contribute to the region’s sustainable growth. People working at our organizations have diversed backgrounds; PhD’s, university professors, business developers, investors, industry leaders, regulatory experts and serial entrepreneurs.


STUNS is the foundation for collaboration between the universities in Uppsala, industry, and the public sector. By bringing together key stakeholders and decision makers, STUNS mission is to improve and develop the collaboration in the Uppsala region in order to strengthen its economic growth and sustainable development. STUNS focuses on four areas; Innovation & Tech, Life Science, Energy and Sustainable Societies.

Uppsala Innovation Centre - UIC

Through our business development programs, network and financing, we support innovative startups and growth companies within all industries in their efforts to commercialize, scale-up or reach an international market. The result is shorter time to market, and a more competitive company with a higher survival rate.

Uppsala University Innovation

Uppsala University Innovation is the university’s innovation support unit, providing advice and support to students, researchers and other university staff. The overall mission is to accelerate the impact of research in society through training, commercialisation, protecting intellectual property and building bridges to external organisations.

Uppsala university Holding AB

With Uppsala university Holding AB (UU Holding) university-related startups receive access to seed capital, a network of private and institutional investors as well as a bridge between early and later stage investors. UU Holding is an evergreen business that partners with researchers and students to help develop their projects and commercialize their ideas. Profits from successful exits are reinvested in new project and start-up companies.  

SLU Holding

SLU Holding will help your research reach the market and make a difference to society. Our advisors and business developers are experts in developing research results into new processes, services or products in green industries – additional competence who can get your research moving forwards.